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Having A small amount of thatch (less that 1/2 an inch) on your turf can be a good thing. It helps to limit weed germination, reduces water evaporation, and protects from frost damage. Having too much on the other hand, can prevent the natural penetration of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the soil, causing reduced root growth and an increased potential for drought stress, fungal growth, and insect problems.

Pricing for Lawn Aeration or Dethatching...

Lawns 5,000 SqFt and Under                                                                                              $59.00

Lawns 10,000 SqFt and Under                                                                                             $89.00‚Äč

Lawns over 10,000 SqFt. Click Here for Pricing

(Removal of Thatch is done upon request @ $45/man hour w/ 1 hour minimum)


Having us Aerate your lawn will improve the depth that the roots of your lawn reach. This allows for better water absorption and more efficient use of fertilizer. Additionally, aeration assists with the break down of thatch by dispersing soil into the thatch,  allowing organisms to break down the thatch and reduce its accumulation. Reducing  Soil compaction is one of the best things that you can do for your lawn! Call today for a FREE Consultation.

Why Is It So Great For Your Lawn?...

Aeration & Dethatching