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Established April 2010

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How Do We Do It?...

5 Step Fertilization

Step 2(Late May)

Composed of a triple action broadleaf weed controlling liquid.

Step 3(Early June)

We will apply a slow releasing Nitrogen fertilizer that will keep your lawn green through the typical dry season, in addition to spot treating any germinating broadleaf weeds where necessary.

Step 4 (Late Aug./Eary Sept.)

An imperative application of broadleaf weed killer and iron fertilizer, which will restore that deep green color to your lawn during the hot and dry season which causes it to go dormant. This is also when weeds tend to germinate, and our broadleaf weed killer will get down to the "roots" of the problem.

Step 5 (Early October)

Lastly, our seasonal time released fertilizer will help your lawn recover from a long summer, develop strong root growth in preparation for another  hard winter, and store much needed nutrients that will be used right away in spring to boost early growth next year.

Exquisite Exteriors will visit your property 5 times over the course of the year to apply the necessary fertilizer and weed control to your lawn at just the right times during the year. The time frames for each application is based upon the growing conditions, weather activity, and temperature. Our 5 Step Program is scheduled as follows...

Step 1(Mid April)

Composed of well balanced, complete fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control granular.